Yes, You Need a Website

Recently during our #FallSaleChat, one of the questions asked was “Does my operation need a website?” The unanimous answer was yes, unless your clientele is so local they can just drive to your place. (To view the entire chat, visit here.) But in today’s market, we all know that livestock sales are nationwide, hence the popularity of online sales.

One of our favorite answers from the #FallSaleChat came from B.J. Eick at Livestock Promotions, Inc. he said –

“Yes, a website is a necessity, however, as with any advertising, it is only effective if it is well done, up-to-date, and easy for your customers to find.”

 B.J.’s response goes hand in hand with our own thoughts here at FMG. You can use a website to expand your customer base, and inform potential customers about your operation.

Image courtesy of EDJE Technologies.

This blog post from EDJE Technologies is particularly eye opening. They have created their own list of Top 10 Reasons For a Website. In 2012, 91% of online adults use a search engine and 59% do so daily!  

How will those 91% of people find your ranch’s address, phone number, email or other information without an online presence?!

Look at the growth increase from the information collected in 2004!

This data in general makes me think about this blog post from All Groan Up, as it pertains to nearly all the staff here at FMG. We’re always saying things like “JUST GOOGLE IT!”

Here at Focus, with any website we create you’ll get professional design work, unlimited updates and search engine optimization included in your package. It’s really a win-win for us and for your farm or ranch!

An example of search engine optimization for our customers Krick Cattle Company

A classy, eye-appealing design for Jungels Shorthorn Farm

The FMG staff is passionate about the services we provide. We would love to help your farm or ranch launch with a new website. Contact us today for a quote!