Why We Use Social Media

As you may have noticed, we are working hard to promote our Focus Marketing Group Facebook, Blog and Twitter. Clearly, you’re reading our blog and we sincerely appreciate that.

We use these methods of communication in order to reach audiences of all ages and locations. There’s no way we could promote our work as a full-service livestock marketing agency without it!

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Cari Rincker of Rincker Law PLLC recently shared a slideshow “Using Social Media to Advocate for Agriculture” that she presented to a group of 4-Hers in New York on her blog. (To view the slideshow, click here.)

In the slideshow Cari describes how to use Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and FourSquare.

Currently at Focus, we are using Facebook, Twitter and this blog. Robin, our social media manager, also uses Pinterest to collect ideas for Focus projects.

One of Cari’s first tips is that each social media outlet is not created and each has its’ own culture, thus they should be used differently. At Focus, we try to post similar content on our Facebook and Twitter profiles, but in different ways. With Facebook, we can be more visual, by including lots of pictures and text with links to other websites. On Twitter, we try to catch our followers’ attention in 140 characters or less, but still draw them to our blog or website and our customers’ sales.

On our Facebook page, we try to tell the story of agriculture. Why we like living on a farm or ranch, the lessons we learned and how we’re doing our part to feed the world. We also use Facebook to share information about the show industry, direct potential buyers to our customers’ sales and give our sincere thanks to the people that “like” our page.

To those of you that already “like” our page, we hope you’ve seen some sort of payoff. Perhaps you’ve gotten a good laugh out of a video we shared, or bid on an online sale? Either way, we appreciate those of you who have seen, liked or simply acknowledged our page.

With Twitter, we’ve really stepped up our game there. Twitter is a way to converse with people. We aim to share about what Focus Marketing Group does for our customers, and rehash some valuable information we get from others on Twitter. We also started our own hashtag, #ourFOCUSisyou, for a recent Twitter contest and gained over 100 followers. At Focus, we really stand by that and will do anything to make sure our customers are happy with the work we produce.

These are just a few of the ways we try to connect with fans, customers and potential customers via social media. What else would you like to see from us in terms of social media?

Again, Cari provided a great guide on getting started on any of those social media outlets. At Focus, we are thinking of beginning Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Do you think that’s a good idea? Would you follow us there?