Where’s Our FOCUS This Week? Vol. 95

As always, our brains are busy thinking about livestock … preparing for calving season, making plans for Denver and the Texas Majors, etc. But, we’re also thinking about our families this week. We can’t wait to spend a few quality days with the ones we love the most — eating delicious food, playing in the snow, enjoying each others’ company, opening presents and you guessed it, talking about livestock at the supper table. Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys …

Before we go over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house, there are a few sales you need to get on your radar …

Monday –
Parks Show Cattle Christmas Edition Online Sale hosted by Breeders’ World Online Sales

Pembrook Cattle Company’s Holiday Lights Online Sale hosted by Caldwell-Willoughby Sales

Two full brother Composite Red Angus bulls sell from Pembrook. These two are built to work1

Sunday –
The Winners Circle Sale (consignments from Schaeffer Show Cattle), live auction at 1pm EST in New Paris, OH at Green Oaks Farms

This half blood Simmental sells, along with other exciting females from Schaeffer Show Cattle.

Don’t miss the chance to own one of these great bovines! See our entire sales calendar here.