Where’s Our FOCUS This Week? Vol. 9

Happy Monday everyone!

Sale season is indeed winding down. This week, we’ve only got one sale on the schedule, but it’s an exciting one.

Look for the Miller Hampshire Production Sale!

We’re always telling you that we’re more than pictures and videos, and contrary to popular belief – we work with more than just cattle producers as well!

This week’s sale is for Miller Hampshires of Seagraves, Texas. They are having their Miller Hampshires Production Sale on Willoughby Sales this upcoming weekend. Bids will close Sunday, May 5 at 7pm CST.

Some of you are probably in the fields trying to plant corn or cotton or maybe even your gardens. We know you can’t all always be on our computers watching these online sales as they close.

The good people at Breeders’ World and Caldwell-Willoughby Sales know that, so they each created
smartphone apps for those of us on the go!

The Willoughy Livestock and Horse Sales app is only available for iPhone/iPad. Find it here on iTunes for free.

The Breeders’ World Online Sales app is available for both iPhone and Android devices for free.

The apps work differently, but all for the same purpose – giving you access to their sales while on the go! We’re finding them to be rather handy during our spring travels.

Our favorite part is the alerts, reminding you when sales are closing. It’s basically saying – “Now’s the time to bid people!”

How will these apps be able to help you when you’re in the market for quality livestock?