Where’s Our FOCUS This Week? Vol. 263

Some of you are asking … WHEN WILL IT STOP RAINING? and are others are saying PLEASE LORD LET IT RAIN. Spring weather is fickle that way.

We know that many of our FMG customers are trying to get their cows to grass, so those females can turn grass into milk for their calves and the bulls can get to work. But before that big Spring Turnout, you might want to see if there are any cows in this offering you want to add to the herd. Simmental breeders especially, take note!

Saturday —

The 4th Annual Spring Turnout, featuring consignments from Hilltop Simmentals – SD. This is a live auction at the Rocker Sale Facility – Seward, NE beginning at 1pm CDT. Bid online with DV Auction.

Lot 2 // HLTS Dakota Red C503 // consigned by Hilltop Simmentals

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