Where’s Our FOCUS This Week? Vol. 24

Monday, we meet again.

This week, we don’t have any sales to share. BUT – there is an exciting event on our calendar. One that’s going to take the entire team’s preparation and dedication.

We recently took on a huge project for this fall – a 1,000 + head dispersal sale in Throckmorton, Texas for R.A. Brown Ranch.

To view the ad, visit here.

According to the Brown family’s letter about the sale,

“The complete dispersal does not mean the end of the R.A. Brown Ranch name, brand or annual sale. Donnell and Kelli Brown, who have managed the family?s registered cattle for nearly 20 years, will rebuild the RAB registered herd using embryos and continue the tradition of providing top quality bulls, females and customer service at future R.A. Brown Ranch sales.”
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We’re excited to be taking on a project that is so different from the usual club calf and production sales we usually photograph and video, and are also excited that the Brown family will remain in the business!

Another fun fact about  R.A. Brown Ranch, they were featured on the hit television show The American Rancher in 2011. To watch part of the episode, click here.

This week, four of us are in Throckmorton taking pictures for the catalog and other promotional items. We are excited and honored to be part of this sale!