Where’s Our FOCUS This Week? Vol. 228

We cannot say this enough, we have THE BEST customers at Focus Marketing Group. As a rule, they like to get on our schedule early and begin formulating plans to better advertise their sale and get higher prices for the cattle they sell every year.

But … it all takes time and planning.

Right now, our crew is working hard to get each customer’s picture & video days on the calendar, and our design team is finishing up ads for the BIG State Fair Issues of several livestock publications. We’re working diligently to update websites and post on social media accounts, all in preparation for what is known as #FallSaleSeason – our busiest season of the year!

#FallSaleSeason … it’s coming — fast & furiously.

If you haven’t already read our 7 Steps for Less Stressful Fall Sale, we recommend doing so … like yesterday!

Our team is willing and ready to assist in any way you need for your upcoming sale — our photographers can answer any questions you have about your picture pen and cattle prep, the design crew can help you with any promotional materials you need from ads to postcards to catalogs, and the website designers would love to help you get a site launched or updated before your sale day! Meet the FMG crew here and contact any of us with questions.

To book a picture / video day with FMG, use this handy form — bit.ly/bookashoot