Where’s Our FOCUS This Week? Vol. 176

This week is all about PLANNING. We all know that Fall Sale Season is coming in fast & furious, so all of our #FMGcrewmembers are pooling our schedules and starting to make calls.

We have six crew members who will be out and about all fall taking sale photos and videos. They’ll all be zig-zagging across the country, and we’re happy to come to you … wherever you are.

Below are some of our favorite shots to date!

Feel free to contact any of our crew members directly, or use our handy online form at bit.ly/bookashoot.

If you need videos only for your sales, we can also help with that! Click here to view our YouTube or Vimeo channels.

Remember that all of our customers’ sales get posted on various forms on social media, the week of the sale as well as on sale day! No other livestock marketing firm promotes your operation like FMG does, and that’s a fact.