Where’s Our FOCUS This Week? Vol. 17

We survived!! Our crew of six survived the Maine & Chi Junior Nationals in Grand Island, Neb. We can’t say we left there without a few battle scars – a sinus infection, sore legs and no voices – but we sincerely enjoyed our time in the “Good Life” of Nebraska.

Since we don’t have any customers’ sales happening this week, we thought we’d use this week’s update to share a few of our favorite candid photos from Grand Island.

Kyla Copeland, our fearless leader, had some sore feet already on Saturday! We took this day to interview some juniors during check-in. Click here to watch the video.

The photographer interrupted this young lady’s Stockman’s Quiz!

Winnie, Heidi & Charles of Legacy Livestock Imaging’s dog, was the cheerleader for the week. Here she is at opening ceremonies.

Miss Maddax from Texas was so photogenic, we took her picture every chance we got! Love the hair bow.

This playset was a big hit with the kiddos! Check out this dude’s hat.

Although his scotch comb was bigger than he was, this tyke is a steer jock in the making!

This guy showed a Full Blood Maine-Anjou heifer, and the queen was there to give him a special prize.

The fitting contest is hard, especially when the heifer is taller than you are!

Dr. Clint Rusk judged in the Chi ring. Here he is evaluating a class of heifers.

All of these photos you see on the blog are available for purchase on our website. To see these and more, click here. We’ll post more photos and results later on in the week.