Where’s Our FOCUS This Week? Vol. 151

No sales this week, but another picturing season is really getting started — both bull sales and fall borns. With that, we’ve also had lots of interest in the design side of our business. ALL members of our crew are out creating integral parts of marketing campaigns for our customers.

So you’ve set sale date … now what?

  1. An advertising budget is a good idea. Decide how much you want to spend and where you want to spend that money. Print ads, online advertising, radio spots and/or social media ads can all work successfully, if executed well. We read a really interesting article on the subject here from Drovers CattleNetwork.
  2. Decide where or how you want to advertise. It is important to know that often ad deadlines are a month (or sooner) before a publication is mailed. If you’re considering e-blasts you will need to get on the schedule to guarantee the day you want is available. Call your favorite graphic designer as soon as you decide, so they can add your project to their list as well. We have several graphic designers willing and ready to assist you with any and all design projects. See some of our work here.
    Richey Show Steers CW Ad
  3. Get a picture day on the calendar. We always try for at least 14 days before the sale with online sales and about 45 days for production sales (this will depend on your catalog print schedule), that way there is a few days of flex time in case of bad weather. Give any member of our crew a call today, or fill out our handy form — bit.ly/bookashoot
  4. Promote, promote, promote. Social media pages and websites are both very important for this. Be sure to send your info to your website coordinator as soon as it becomes available. Also, share information on your social media outlets regularly. One post a day is a great place to start — you want to remain relevant rather than annoying. Here at FMG, we offer website design / management as well as social media management.

Don’t forget that all of the work done by FMG is promoted here on this blog and our social media outlets … this extra exposure is another great reason to choose FMG for your livestock marketing!