Where’s Our FOCUS This Week? Vol. 128

We’re hitting the road! Our crew members have been busy already picturing for fall sales, traveling through many states.

It’s a pleasure going to see old customers and making new friends along the way. Fall Sale Season is always a highlight of our year!

We’ve already spoken to many people who are having their first sale, and we try our best to guide them so they know what to expect when they hire an FMG photographer. Even if you are a seasoned Focus customer, you might want to keep reading.

Here are our Top 5 Tips for having a GREAT picture/video day with FMG —

1. Please review the pre-shoot checklist we sent you. We’ve been to hundreds of picture/video shoots, and we have refined our craft. The picture pen and the picture pen help determine the quality of your photos.

2. Listen to the photographer. We will help guide you, so you can help us get the shots we need of your cattle.

3. One person cannot do every single job. The day will work best if each person has an assigned position and stays there throughout the day. Bouncing back and forth between the barn and the pen will only waste time, and cause everyone to lose focus.

4. Please do not keep us waiting. There needs to be enough people in the barn so we don’t have to wait long between calves in the picture pen. We often have hours of drive time between our shoots, so the faster we get on the road, the better.

5. It will be fine! and you will have great pictures and videos of your cattle to prove it. Please trust us to do our jobs.

Interested in booking a picture/video shoot with FMG? Give us a shout today — bit.ly/contactFMG