Where’s Our FOCUS This Week? Vol. 127

For a few weeks now, our FMG crew has been assembling their fall schedules. It takes a lot of coordination to get 10 people organized for the busiest time of the year.

We’re talking about photo/video shoots, ad deadlines, catalog mailing dates, website updates and more! If you haven’t already contacted FMG to get on our schedule, we highly recommend you do so … ASAP.

If you haven’t worked with FMG before, you’re probably wondering HOW you make this happen. The process is easy —

1. Visit our website www.focusmarketinggroup.net and click on the CONTACT or ABOUT tabs.
2. For general requests, you can contact owner Kyla Copeland at 785.213.5435 or kyla@focusmarketinggroup.net. If you see one of our crew members in your area, please feel free to contact them directly.
3. In a few days, a FMG crew member will contact you to set up a picture/video day or visit more about your design project.

When booking with FMG, you will also receive:
? A pre-shoot client consultation to discuss the details of picture day
? Professional and friendly service from your photographer
? Photos/videos sent to the correct parties, including web designers and sale hosts
? Storage of photos/videos for future use
? Personalized and prompt service from the Focus Marketing Group team

Another advantage to booking with FMG is the extra exposure for your sale on our social media outlets. All of our sales get posted on this blog (for an example, click here), photos/videos get posted on our Facebook page the day of your sale, and these posts get shared on other outlets (Twitter, Instagram and our website).
Our FMG is excited for the upcoming fall sale season! We cannot wait to visit your farms and ranches and view your cattle. The quality we see is astounding! Please do not hesitate to contact us for pricing and more information.