Where’s Our FOCUS This Week? Vol. 123

This week is all about planning.

Ad we designed for FMG customers
Erickson Farms – IL.

We’re wrapping up everything from junior nationals, and our customers are working out the details for their upcoming fall sales.

What’s next on your to-do list? Book your photographer by chance? WE CAN HELP.

Meet our crew here. Have cameras, will travel.

We have 8 photographers willing & ready to assist you. Contact any of us to get on our schedule!

Kyla Copeland:
785.213.5435 – phone
kyla@focusmarketinggroup.net – email
Kent Jaecke:
405.408.2440 – phone
jake@focusmarketinggroup.net – email
Katie Smith:
229.220.3017 – phone
katie@focusmarketinggroup.net – email
Erick Schmidt:
830.263.0166 – phone
erick@focusmarketinggroup.net – email
Robin Kleine:
219.306.0323 – phone
robin@focusmarketinggroup.net – email
Kendall Harsh:
405.503.3971 – phone
kendall@focusmarketinggroup.net – email
Gordy Clark:
419.834.0429 – phone
andrew@focusmarketinggroup.net – email
Wyatt DeVries:
406.425.2097 – phone
wyatt@focusmarketinggroup.net – email

We can also help with design work, creative imagery or social media management!

Amanda Holt:402.380.8401 – phone
amanda@focusmarketinggroup.net – email
Shella Langford:
918.695.2227 – phone

shella@focusmarketinggroup.net – email

Be sure to watch all of our social media channels to see examples our design work, photography, videos & more.