Websites: Mobile Responsiveness

For the next few weeks, we’re going to be posting a lot about websites. We believe that websites are CRUCIAL for any successful business – including livestock producers.

Have you ever heard the terms mobile responsive or mobile friendly? Have you wondered what that means and what it has to do with your website? We at Focus understand that with technology moving so fast, sometimes it is hard to keep up with both your livestock and the best ways to grow your operation or improve your website! We are here to help.

Mobile responsive design has been a strong movement since the invention of mobile browsing, not surprisingly pretty soon after the first iPhone debuted. More and more people are browsing websites on their mobile devices, rather than their personal computers. This is honestly GREAT for the livestock industry. Instead of carving out time in front of a computer to browse sale catalogs and look up EPDs, the cattlemen and women of today can do it from their truck while checking cattle, on a fishing boat during vacation, or even at the dinner table, though his partner might not approve. This allows farmers and ranchers everywhere to capitalize on accessibility, reaching more people than they ever dreamed they could.

Mobile Responsive Sites designed by FMG

As of now, 72% of users want to browse on a mobile friendly website, in fact the majority of users will leave a website within seconds if it isn?t mobile friendly. This is why all new websites built here at Focus are mobile responsive and easy to browse. We want your customers staying on your site and buying your livestock! Remember our motto — Our FOCUS is YOU!

So, you have a website, but aren?t sure if it is mobile responsive or not? We totally understand! Here is an easy way to tell:
Open the browser of your choice. Ensure that your browser window is not full screen ? in other words, you should be able to see the desktop behind it.

Position your cursor along the right edge of the browser window, and resize the window down to the size of a mobile phone display.

If the website is responsive, the layout should change based on your browser window size, even on a desktop.

Still not sure? Send the team at Focus an e-mail and we would be happy to test it for you!

You’re probably asking yourself WHY this matters. It’s simple.

  1. Responsive websites integrate well with social media. This allows you to have all of your web traffic (website and social media) linked and working together!
  2. Responsive websites are faster loading.
  3. Users want to browse on a mobile friendly site. This makes the experience more pleasant for them and they are much more likely to continue browsing your site.
  4. A whopping 77% of adults own smartphones (not to mention all of those teenagers!).
  5. 94% of people judge a website based on if it is responsive. That means that before they even see what you have to offer, they may have already formed an opinion on the professionalism of your operation.
  6. Google prioritizes mobile friendly sites! Yep, that?s right, if your site is mobile friendly, you are more likely to go to the top of Google searches. Google believes that mobile friendly sites are the only path forward for internet use and therefore has begun putting mobile responsive sites ahead of their non-responsive counterparts.

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