Websites: Landing Sites

It’s no secret that websites are expensive … or it seems that way, when your livestock operation is a side hustle or just getting started.

But, we know that your web presence is your biggest selling point and the best way to get noticed in a competitive market. That’s not something you want to leave to chance.

To those who are being budget-conscious, or don’t have a lot of content yet for a new website … we wanted to offer a new option to our customers, what we’re calling a Landing Site.

Landing sites are –

  1. Affordable
  2. SEO Friendly
  3. Fully mobile responsive
  4. Easily converted to a full site at a later date
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This landing site we created for Rupp Ranch in Perry, OK is a good example of what we try to accomplish with each landing site we design.

Highlights include — branding consistent with other projects we’ve completed for Rupp Ranch, clear examples of cattle they’ve raised and exhibited, easily accessible contact information and links to social media.

You’ve heard us at FMG talk before about the importance of websites and how to use them best. Last year, we even gave you 10 reasons WHY You Should Update Your Website. Don’t miss your chance to start 2020 with a more cost-effective, lower maintenance website — perfect for marketing your operation online.

How can Focus Help?

Here are Focus, we want to help you grow! After all ?Our Focus is YOU?.

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