Websites: 10 Reasons to Update in 2019

When websites first started, just having one was enough, but nowadays customers need more! There is so much information on the internet, everyone is competing for a space. New design trends, responsive website design, and SEO have all played into big changes in the internet world for today?s cattlemen.

Not sure whether you are in need of an update? Check out the 10 reasons below for more insight!

605 Sires + Donors – South Dakota
  • Are you standing out?
    In this competitive livestock market, standing out from the crowd is so important. A well-built website can help you get noticed and recognized, which in turn builds your brand identity and helps you grow.
  • Does it reflect your brand?
    Your website is responsible for promoting you 24/7 to the world, so it should reflect your branding and operation. Cohesive branding through a strong website can set you apart from your competitors and help you become more easily recognizable in the industry.
    Hint: Your branding should also be cohesive throughout your ads, catalogs, and social media. Ask us how we can help.
  • Are you attracting the customers you want?
    If you aren?t currently getting inquiries from the customers you want, your website and online presence could be part of the problem. Carefully curating your website content and specifically targeting to the customers you want to attract will help position yourself correctly in the market.
T-Heart Ranch – Colorado
  • Is your website outdated?
    Having an outdated website affects your visitors? experience on your website, making them less likely to stay and browse what you have to offer. If you want your operation to succeed, you need to be agile with your approach to your website. Web standards are evolving and changing … keeping up with these can keep you ahead of the curve. If you built your website over 5 years ago, most likely it?s already behind.?
  • Is it Mobile Responsive?
    We hope it?s not the case, but if you still don?t have a mobile friendly website, now is definitely the time! Remember that over 60% of website traffic is now on mobile devices and that number climbs every day. Mobile is important and not going away in the livestock industry, make sure your customers can find you! Going mobile responsive with improve your customer?s experience and propel your operation. Read more about mobile responsive sites here.
  • Is your website slow?
    Here are Focus, we aim for a loading speed of under 5 seconds. Slow loading times account for a majority of bounces (people leaving your site quickly), so it?s important that your site loads quickly and easily for your potential customers.
Horstman Cattle Co. – Indiana
  • Is your bounce rate high?
    A high bounce rate indicates that you are doing something wrong, either with content, navigation or the overall look of your website. Here are Focus, we want people to stay on your website and see everything you have to offer. If people are leaving quickly, you are losing leads and potential clients — and that?s a problem!
  • Is your website secure?
    If you have an older website, you are likely also running older security. Your site might be susceptible to hacking and malware. Running good, clean security on your website is like having a great guard dog for your home. Keep your business safe by making sure your website is well-protected.
  • Do you have good SEO?
    SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most important parts of the web today. Your website needs well built for good SEO, to get your operation to the top of Google. Find out more about SEO here.
Bogue Chitto Cattle Co. – Mississippi
  • Do I have good call to actions?
    Call to actions are buttons, links and contact forms strategically placed throughout your website to keep your users interested and help them use your site more efficiently. We never want a potential customer to leave your site wondering what they should do next!
Dixie Valley Angus – California

How can Focus Help?

Here are Focus, we want to help you grow! After all ?Our Focus is YOU?.

We would love to take a look at your website, social media, or branding and help you with the points that will best help you grow. Contact us today for more information.