The Best Parts of Our Job

Today, we’d like to share an awesome infographic from America’s Farmers. If you haven’t checked out their blog or their Facebook page, we highly recommend it!
 They asked why being a farmer is the best job and made a list of the top 10 seen below.
  1. Caring for the land
  2. Working with family everyday
  3. Getting dirty, that dirt under your nails means something!
  4. Working with animals (our personal favorite!)
  5. Community, the support and general friendliness of others in our industry (we really like this one!)
  6. Being your own boss
  7. Working outside
  8. Security, because people will always need to eat!
  9. Harvest, seeing the fruits of your labor (selling the corn you grew all season long, or the calf you raised since birth)
  10. Feeding the world, yes we can take personal responsibility for that!

We think this list is really good, but what would you add?

This blog really focuses on giving the consumer a glance at what the “average farmer” looks like. Some of their more recent posts include videos of farmers answering questions they receive via email.