Summer Board Meetings in KC

Last weekend, our crew met up in Kansas City for our annual summer board meetings. We went over the schedule for the busy fall season, talked about equipment specs and uploading information, as well as took some photos and videos at Chisum Livestock in Bucyrus, KS.

We even posed for a photo – remember humans aren’t our usual subject…

However, most importantly we talked about how to better serve our customers. How to schedule our shoots, allow ourselves plenty of time to reach deadlines and give FMG customers the best possible service.

We say it a lot, but we want you to remember –

“Our only FOCUS is you.”

In true FMG fashion, we also had a great night out in KC! We first ate at Gordon Biersch before going to the Power & Light District. It was a fun time and a great bonding experience!

We’ll also have a booth at the Junior National Hereford Expo this week, look for us outside the show ring. 

Here’s a peak at our FMG photo session at Clanton’s. Thanks to this great family for hosting our crew for a day!

Pom poms and umbrella work great as ear-getters!

It was hot … and the beach ball was a great resting spot.

If you want a member of this hard-working, fun-loving crew for your sales. You’ll need to get on our fall schedule. Don’t wait any longer – contact us today

Just modeling correct usage of our ear-getting equipment.