Student Discounts

Back to school! Back to school to prove to dad I’m not a fool!

For those of you who might remember, here’s a clip from our favorite Adam Sandler movie, “”

We’re certainly sad to see the summer come to a close, but many of you have an exciting year ahead of you in school – high school, college or graduate/professional school!

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We stumbled across this post from Her Campus about using your student ID to get discounts at some of your favorite places – J. Crew (interview clothes anyone?), Waffle House (great drunk food), Amazon (got to order those books!), or Papa John’s (mmm PIZZA!). To see the full list, visit here. Or check this one out from Giftcard Granny, with 81 places to utilize your student status.

The kicker about using these discounts is that you’ll need to have your student ID on you at all times. So go ahead, put it in your wallet!

Use this advice from Her Campus –

“Many stores offer student discounts, even if they don?t broadcast them. If you?re not sure whether or not a store offers a discount, go ahead and ask. You may end up finding more deals than you were bargaining for. And always carry your student ID.”

We at FMG want to wish all of you the best of luck! Spend your money wisely and don’t forget to sport your #focusswag!