Social Media Courtesy

We recently came across this quote –

?I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.?- Maya Angelou

And we think those words really apply to today’s “social media frenzied” world.

Then we found this quote from The Luxe Chronicles –

“Lest we forget, Jack Dorsey’s original motivation when he founded Twitter was to facilitate communication between emergency medical service workers and Mark Zuckerberg initially designed Facebook to enable socialization between students on campus. So, if you start from the premise that social media was originally conceived of as a tool to enable community building online (as opposed to marketing and commerce), then the idea of following an individual or brand constantly singing their own praises is about as appealing as getting cornered at a cocktail party by a self-absorbed, conceited chatterbox.” – Lessons in Social Media Courtesy of Margaret Atwood.

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Then we got to thinking, social media is for more than selling something.

  • Social media is for sharing good news. 
  • Social media is for recognizing people or organizations for great accomplishments.
  • Social media is for passing along helpful information.

With that, social media is not for dogging on your competitors.

  • Social media is not for only shameless self promotion (a little is okay though!)
  • Social media is not for talking bad about others, or making them feel inadequate.
  • Social media is not for selling things, but rather brand recognition.

Numerous customers of ours say, “We followed you on Twitter and just really liked your work, so we booked you for our sale.” Or they say things like, “Hey thanks for posting our sale on Facebook, we got so much more exposure because of you.”

We don’t use social media because we have to, instead we want to share the accomplishments of our customers. We want to help others in the livestock industry find useful information. We want to acknowledge people for doing outstanding things, winning cool awards and capturing special moments.

We’re not going to diss our competition. We’re not going to share pointless gossip. That’s just not us. We love this close-knit livestock community, and we want people to read our social media outlets. They should walk away with a good feeling, making Maya Angelou proud of course.