People are always searching for their passion, but for Kyla Fawcett, the search was short. She realized at an early age, it was out to pasture. Her passion is livestock photography. Fawcett is the mastermind behind Focus Marketing Group, Inc.

In October 2011, Fawcett started Focus by offering photography and video services, print and web design, as well as sale consulting to the livestock industry. A leap of faith, some finger crossing, and a lot of hard work lead to the Focus Marketing Group that is now leading the market with a team of innovative and forward-thinking individuals, pushing the livestock industry forward.

Originally from rural South Dakota, Fawcett grew up showing cattle and helping on her family's farm. She credits her parents, and specifically family friend and neighbor, Ron Bruns, for sharing his cattle knowledge. With Bruns' help, she won a few banners and trophies she modestly adds. Fawcett, like many young people, studied the show publications, clipping out her favorite images. Often, it was Christy Collins' photography that in­spired her.

"My biggest mentor and someone who pushed the bar on cattle marketing would be Christy Collins; I still have old publications filled with pictures of hers. I would look at them and tell myself, 'That's what I want to do someday,’” Fawcett says. "I still look up to her and strive to be half as good as she is one day."

After graduating from South Dakota State University in 2003 with a degree in ag journalism, Fawcett began her career as the Director of Communications at the American Maine-Anjou Association (AMAA) in Platte City, MO. In 2009, Fawcett left the AMAA and began her career in cattle marketing.

“I never thought I would be a business owner, but with the past 10 years of industry experience behind me, I owe so much to everyone who trusted my talents and allowed Focus to grow,” Fawcett says.

When Focus was in its infancy, Fawcett wanted to remove the stress from livestock marketing, using her people skills and good-natured attitude to streamline the process and make cus­tomers happy.

The stress of planning a sale, taking pictures, and de­signing marketing materials is enough to drive anyone crazy. With the motto "Our Only FOCUS Is You,” FMG has tried to make the process easier.

“Our entire team is upbeat, outgoing, and just fun to be around. Oh, and they're good at what they do," Fawcett says. "Some days can be a challenge, but we still have fun with our customers and make livestock marketing an enjoyable process."

By offering a variety of services, Fawcett explains that the array of knowledge available from the Focus team is a real asset to its customers. Focus staff members include graphic designers, web developers, a social media manager, and field staff to handle the photography and video services. The team works together to help livestock producers come up with an execute a functioning marketing strategy for their animals.

One could describe Fawcett as sincerely passionate about livestock marketing, and relentless in the pursuit of Focus Marketing Group's success.

“Our entire team is upbeat, outgoing, and just fun to be around. Oh, and they're good at what they do."

– Kyla Fawcett, Owner, FMG


At Focus Marketing Group, we are proud to be a full service livestock marketing agency. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch photography, videography, and print and web design as well as sale consultation. Delivering the best for our customers is the only option for our staff members. As we like to say here at Focus Marketing, “Our only FOCUS is you.”

When working with Focus Marketing team members in the picture/video pen, our easygoing, friendly attitudes make a potentially stressful day fun and enjoyable. Livestock cooperate best in low-stress situations, and we fully understand that. We want the day to go smoothly for both you and your stock.

But remember, we do more than just pictures and videos. Our designers create logos, websites, advertisements and more to present your cattle, sheep, goats, hogs or horses to modern livestock enthusiasts and seasoned professionals alike. By combining excellent photos and videos with exciting, eye-catching designs, we can take your livestock operation and sales to the next level.

We are dedicated to top notch customer service. Contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule video shoots, picture shoots or any print or web design. We would love to work with you and help you meet your operation’s marketing goals!


Kyla Fawcett

South Dakota

Owner and Field Staff


Robin Kleine

South Dakota

Social Media, Field Staff, and Design


Amanda Holt

South Dakota

Graphic Design


Alyson Devine

North Carolina

Web Manager, Design, Creative Photography



Alexis Rumford


Field Staff and Design



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