New Team Member: Shawna Chabot

Let’s all take a moment and rejoice that it is almost the weekend! We’ve got another reason to celebrate today – we’re introducing Shawna Chabot, the last of our new employee introductions.

Welcome Shawna and learn a little bit more about this Wyoming resident –

Hi! I?m Shawna Chabot, originally from Buckley, WA, a small logging community in the shadow of Mt Rainier. I grew up showing Herefords, training hunter/jumpers, working polo ponies, and helping with the family trucking business.  I owe a lot to a family that always allowed me to follow my dreams, hauled me to numerous Jr National shows, and supported all of my free lancing work.
Shawna and her husband Cody.

I attended Colorado State University, which I fell in love with after attending my very first National Western Stock Show.  I figured any school that was within an hour of that great show was the place for me!  During my time in Colorado I majored in Animal Science, judged on the meats team, became an NJHA board member, and traveled the county working on show and sale cattle.  After college I really hit the show road hard, in doing so I got to see so many cattle and different operations.  I wouldn?t trade riding through pastures with some of the most knowledgeable cattlemen and women for the world.  One of the great things about this industry is that people invite you in with a smile, share their program with you, and you leave feeling like family.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with and for many dedicated breeders, ranchers, fitting services, and fitters. 
In 2007 I moved to Terrebonne, OR, where I managed sale cattle for Ankony Farms.  There was never a dull moment, as they held sales several times a year in OR, GA, and CA.  After 3 years with Ankony, it was off to NE.  My husband, Cody, and I ran the day to day operations of a 2,500 head grow yard, 800 yearlings, and 150 head Angus cowherd.  I love getting the opportunity to learn all phases of the livestock industry through hands on work.
Mac & Sue, two of my border collies.
After 12 years of working show and sale cattle for Ned and Jan Ward Herefords, Cody and I were presented with a tremendous opportunity to move to Sheridan, WY, permanently, fulfilling a life long dream.  Cody works for NJW full time and I continue helping with their show and sale cattle.  We also raise stock dogs, work ranch horses, and are building our own Hereford and Angus herd in the shadow of the Big Horn Mountains.
I am excited to join the Focus Marketing Group, as field staff for the western states, and I look forward to helping bring your herd into Focus!
Shawna Chabot
Field Staff
Phone: 252-677-2804