New Team Member: Shannon Cook

Today on the blog, we’re continuing our introduction of our newest Focus Marketing team members.

Meet Shannon –

Hello there! I’m Shannon Cook? along with the theme of nicknames, “Gigs or Giggles” will also do for many of you! I am originally from Fort Collins, Colorado, however I have resided in the great state of Oklahoma for a little over a decade now, so technically I guess I can be considered an Okie if you will.

My good friend Macy Griswold and me.

My story slightly veers away from everyone else’s upbringing and long history of raising and showing cattle, farming, ranching, etc. I grew up a small farm girl with a few head of Simmental cows, some sheep and horses; each of which I all showed. My junior high and high schools years I decided that basketball and the sport industry was more intriguing. I went on to Oklahoma State University thinking that one day I would be an awesome athletic trainer, then I changed my mind once again and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Health Promotion in 2007.

Now I bet you’re thinking what in the heck does this girl have any business doing in the cattle industry and why on this crew!? Well? Once again my mind wandered and decided to take a different route when I graduated college and surprise surprise I have yet to use my actual degree!

No matter the journey I have gone on and all the different things I have worked in and done, one thing remains true in my heart and that is my love and passion for animals. Out of college, I went to work for my sister, Brandi Herndon (the agri business manager at Tulsa State Fair), and the staff at the Oklahoma Youth Expo during their busy seasons of all the livestock entries they receive and their shows. After a couple of years of that, an opportunity arose to take a position at Griswold Cattle Company.

Four years ago I had no idea how life changing that position would be for me? at the same time John Griswold was also scratching his head asking the question where did this girl come from and why is she here as I wrecked into the corner of his office with a 4-wheeler on our very 1st meeting :/ As Luke Doris and Greg Burden had decided to hire me while John was in South Dakota. It was the faith and support of all of those men, my brother in-law Bart Herndon, and the rest of the Griswold family especially Macy and her parents and siblings that I was kept around that barn for eventually good reason! Breaking babies, perfecting hair and condition on show cattle, spending what seemed like endless hours in the picture pen, among so many other things that barn all entailed, cattle and “the barn” literally became my life and passion.

During my Griswold journey I gained a second family and the best friends a girl could ask for, had the opportunity to meet and work along side with some of the most talented there is in this great cattle industry we all love, and most importantly finally establish myself in something that I love to be involved in.

I also can never thank my own immediate family enough for all the support in me through out the years?Lord knows I wasn’t an easy one to raise and have patience with!!

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do is say a good bye to that barn and start expanding my horizons as I like to call it and join this great team of people with FOCUS. I hope to keep contributing my best at making your cattle look to their greatest perfection? now it’s just going to be from behind the lens! I’m so looking forward to where this new journey is about to take me and the rest of the Focus crew, and of course meeting all of you down the road!

Shannon Cook
Field Staff
Phone: 405.714.5087