New Team Member: Maria Rogers

We’re so happy to announce our newest design hire, Maria Rogers. Learn more about her below.

Maria Rogers lives in the quiet country-side of Western Pennsylvania.? She?s a college junior seeking a degree in media communications from The Pennsylvania State University.? Apart from working toward her degree, she has worked as a graphic designer for livestock firms and breeders all over the United States.

She began showing livestock in her early teens and though a little late to the game, made up for it in an immediate passion and love for the industry!? She has worked as a graphic designer for livestock firms and breeders all over the U.S., designing logos and promotional flyers along with up-to-date livestock graphics for several firms who use them in their own marketing.

Among her personal mission to overtake the industry with significantly better livestock graphics, she hopes one day to raise a huge family and to continue to work from home as a graphic and web designer.? When she?s not glued to her laptop designing flyers and building websites for her clients while drinking gallons of coffee, she?s in the barn working with the showpigs she and her sister show.

Though the work she?s already done in the industry can be looked at as significant, there is nothing more significant to her than the friends she has made and the mentors who have helped her achieve so much already.


Please join us in welcoming Maria to the team!

To book a new website or design project with Maria, you can call her at 724.914.5892 or email