New Team Member: Hannah Feller

hannah fellerEveryone, we’d like to introduce Hannah, our newest addition to the FMG crew! Hannah will be working on our design team, helping create logos, ads and catalogs as well as websites for our growing list of Focus customers. Please give her a friendly welcome!

Hi! My name is Hannah Feller and I grew up in the heart of Nebraska, between cow country and farm towns. Growing up, I spent my time showing horses and cattle competitively in 4-H and through breed associations and have always had a love for agriculture.

In 2010, I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with degrees in Marketing and Management, and minor in Communications. I was at the helm of the shift in marketing to the internet and quickly decided that digital marketing and design was where I wanted to focus my career.

I started working for a small start up company in Lincoln, Nebraska that built software for coaches. At this position, I was able to learn several different aspects of business – from customer service, to marketing, to website design. I then took a position strictly managing social media for a company in New York City, which gave me unique experience in a fast-paced environment. I decided to head back to my roots and focus on agriculture.

I took a three month certification course in the Spring of 2014 to hone my skills in graphic design, website design, and digital marketing, and from there, started my own business, Design Unbridled. I have enjoyed working with cattlemen all over Nebraska helping them with their marketing needs.

I now live in Superior, Nebraska with my fiance, Jared, along with 4 horses, a dog, and plenty of cows! It seems like our idea of fun nowadays is any time we get to be on a horse or when we are working cows!