New Meat Naming System

There’s a new system in town for naming meat cuts. This new system, newly approved by the USDA and the Industry-Wide Cooperative Meat Identification Standards Committee, should hit grocery store shelves this summer – just in time for grilling season.

An article by Elizabeth Wiese in USA TODAY, outlines the changes that will be implemented.

“With the new names come new labels for meat. They’ll now identify the species (at this point just beef or pork), whether it’s from the chuck, rib, loin or round, the retail cut name and provide cooking instructions.”

Here’s an example from the loin of the hog.

Photo courtesy of USA TODAY

 The new system was created to make buying meat easier and more straightforward, as well as assist the consumer when choosing a cooking method.

The old information will remain on the labels, but these newer, simpler names will hopefully be easier to understand.

Photo courtesy of USA TODAY

This new system is 40 years in the making. Will it make selecting meat at your local grocery store or butcher shop easier?