Meet the Staff — Kyla Copeland

During the month of February, we are going to be doing short “Meet & Greets” with all of our FMG crew members.

We have nine awesome employees, but you’ll very rarely see us all in one place. Because of the unique structure of FMG, we wanted to introduce ourselves (again) and give you a little better idea of who does what at Focus Marketing Group. Plus, it’s always nice to have a face to put with a name.

Kyla Copeland

First up – Kyla Copeland, Owner / Business Manager

1. Tell us about your responsibilities at FMG.
Where do I even start 🙂 I?m everywhere from the picture pen taking photos and videos, editing those photos and videos to get back to our clients in a timely manner; to traveling to shows for show photography; office work which includes invoicing, accounting, scheduling, etc. ; print design work and just overall looking after the company.

2. When did you start with FMG.
Kent Jaecke and I partnered up and started Focus Marketing Group in November 2010, we officially debuted and got things rolling in Denver 2011.

3. Share a little bit about your background in the livestock industry. 
I grew up on a farm in rural Baltic, South Dakota. I started exhibiting cattle at a young age and competed at a local, state and national level. A big thank you goes out to my parents who put up with me and let me go after what I loved. 

I also owe so much of my knowledge to Ron Bruns. Because of him I?m doing something I truly love and have so much passion for. I graduated from South Dakota State University in 2003 with a degree in Ag Journalism and a minor in Animal Science. I then worked for American Maine-Anjou Association in Platte City, Mo. I owe a lot of my growth and knowledge to that job and to John Boddicker (CEO of the AMAA). 

I decided to move on from there and start my own business, Focus Marketing Group. I currently live in Nara Visa, New Mexico with my husband Matt. We live on the family?s ranch, Copeland & Sons LLC where we run commercial and registered Hereford cattle and black club calf cows. I absolutely love living on a working ranch where they do things ?the cowboy way?.

4. What?s is the best part about your job at FMG?
My co-workers!! They are the best and without them we wouldn?t be where we are today. I can?t thank them enough for the long hours and dedication they have given FMG. And also to our customers, again without them we wouldn?t be where we are today, thank you for your trust and loyalty to FMG.

5. When working on a project, what?s your favorite tool?

6. You?re cruising down the road, what are you listening to on the radio?
All kinds of stuff, Sirius XM is a MUST. I?m tuned into Classic Rewind and 80?s on 8 a lot 🙂 Or my Red Dirt playlist on my iPod. 

7. Outside of work, what are your hobbies?
I love being able to get on a horse and help on the ranch. 

Below are a few of Kyla’s favorite images. 

Interested in booking a project with FMG — visit our website today and contact any member of our crew. We look forward to working with you and marketing your livestock enterprises.