Meet the Staff – Kendall Harsh

Today we’re featuring another FMG staff member on the blog! Welcome Kendall.

Kendall Harsh, Field Staff

1. Tell us about your responsibilities at FMG.
I am responsible for helping producers marketing and promote their livestock through pictures and video. I then help them further their promotional strategies to promote their livestock to a broader audience.

2. When did you start with FMG.
I started with Focus in May 2014.

3. Share a little bit about your background in the livestock industry.
I have shown Limousin cattle since the age of five … in the open shows of course, with my dad following behind me with the showstick. At the age of 12 I joined 4-H and continued showing, holding offices and going to bigger shows such as Junior Nationals. I became super involved within the breed as I grew older and joined FFA. Once I hit college, I continued in the cattle industry by helping a Simmental breeder, preparing cattle for shows and sales.

4. What?s is the best part about your job at FMG?
The best part is meeting and talking with producers. When I pull up to a shoot, I never know what the day is going to be like or what to expect in general. I love looking at the sale cattle and talking the bloodlines with the producers. Just seeing that sparkle in their eye when they talk about their operation and what they love. I listen to all the succeses they?ve had in the past and what they?re hoping for in the future. That?s the best part because I know I am helping their marketing.

5. When working on a project, what?s your favorite tool?
I wouldn?t say ?tool?, but my favorite part of the day is the ear getters. It is great to see what some people will do or come up with to get the ears of that animal. Some people are very creative wiht their noises, movements and hand gestures!

6. You?re cruising down the road, what are you listening to on the radio?
I discovered this little thing called satellite radio, thank you Kyla & Erick! I am always running through the channels on Sirius, but I have some artists like Nickelback, Jessie J, Eli Young Band, The Great Divide … even some T. Swift even though I hate to admit it. I listen to everything!

7. Outside of work, what are your hobbies?
I enjoy going to stock shows, meeting new producers/breeders and helping juniors with their projects. I love cooking, shopping and spending time with my family.

8. Share something we might not know.
I dislike beans and tomatoes and have a STRONG hate hate relationship with snakes!

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