Meet the Staff – Katie Smith [Peaches]

No staff introduction would be complete without the one and only Katie Smith … or as we lovingly like to call her – Peaches! Katie keeps us all on our toes, with her quick jokes and sassy southern attitude.

Katie Smith, Field Staff

1. Tell us about your responsibilities at FMG.
I am field staff for FMG, so I picture and video sale cattle, donors and bulls, and lambs. I am in charge of scheduling and invoicing for myself and helping producers come up with new and innovative ideas to market their livestock.

2. When did you start with FMG.
I was one of the original 4 with FMG.  I have been there since the start and was very happy for the opportunity!

3. Share a little bit about your background in the livestock industry.
My family brought shade tobacco to the Southeast back in the 1800s, so you can say my roots in agriculture and livestock run deep.I grew up on a row crop farm in Southwest Georgia where we grow peanuts, cotton, corn, soybeans, and milo. We run a commercial cow calf operation as well and have trained horses, including the Renegade for Florida State University.  I have shown cattle, sheep, and pigs since I could literally walk and have helped on the farm all my life.

4. What?s is the best part about your job at FMG?
My co-workers most definitely! We can always get together and have a great time! And oh the group texts and video are always entertaining! Our customers are another thing I love about my job! Getting to meet and hang out all day with livestock people make every day a fun adventure.

5. When working on a project, what?s your favorite tool?
I LOVE great picture pen help! The better the picture pen help, the better your pictures and videos will be in the end. And it?s really better when they are good and FUN!
6. You?re cruising down the road, what are you listening to on the radio?
I am the product of parents who owned a stereo before a TV, so I LOVE music! And I?ve been exposed to all kinds during 13 years of dance school. Before a shoot I will listen to anything upbeat like hip hop or rage music.  I also like 70?s, classic rock, and country/red dirt. I?ll listen to anything but classical.
7. Outside of work, what are your hobbies?
I love any sport (especially softball, baseball, and football) or outdoor activity (hunting and fishing). On the rare off work days, you can find me in the barn working on cattle with the radio on blast and (embarrassingly) dancing. College football games are a must and that ESPN app is on high alert every Sat during the fall when the Dawgs play!
8. Share something we might not know.
Growing up, I was EXTREMELY shy! I seriously hid behind my parents? legs until I was 4. And those of you who know me now I bet could never believe that!

Katie at work —

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