Meet the Staff – Andrew [Gordy] Clark

Today on the blog, we’re featuring Andrew “Gordy” Clark. Gordy lives in Ohio and has helped us expand our business into the Eastern United States.

Gordy Clark, Field Staff

1. Tell us about your responsibilities at FMG.
My primary responsibility at FMG is traveling to various producers to take pictures and videos for online sales. Other duties include editing those pictures and videos to return them to the seller via email in a timely fashion. I also enjoy promoting our social media management. 

2. When did you start with FMG.
I began with FMG in the spring of 2014

3. Share a little bit about your background in the livestock industry.
Most people don?t believe me when I tell them that when I was 13 years old I didn?t know the difference between a steer and a bull. But then I began to work at Feichtner Farms in Willard, Ohio baling straw.

As the fall came around I stayed on as a farm hand and we prepared for a club calf sale. I quickly became a show cattle enthusiast. Since then I?ve never looked back. Eating, breathing and sleeping show cattle day in and day out. Some of my accomplishments include buying and selling the Grand Champion steers at the 2014, 2009, 2008 & 2002 Ohio State Fairs; Grand Steers at the 2015 and 2012 PA Farm Show; Reserve Steer Indiana State fair 2007; Reserve Steer NC State Fair 2014; & the Reserve Steer at OYE in 2006.

I have been very blessed to have started Twisted Nickel Cattle Enterprises with my soon to be loving wife Jaclyn Upperman who is now the activities director at the American Angus Association. I love what I do in this industry and couldn?t imagine myself doing anything else!

4. What?s is the best part about your job at FMG?
The absolute best part about my job at FMG is meeting and interacting with new people. Getting to travel to new places is a perk too.

5. When working on a project, what?s your favorite tool?
I would have to say when working on a project my favorite tool is my camera. I believe that single moment when you click the shutter is captivating.

6. You?re cruising down the road, what are you listening to on the radio?
When i am on the road I definitely have my radio on Sirius XM. Just depending on the day or mood it might be anything from hard rock to country with some hip-hop in between. I pretty much listen to whatever is good.
7. Outside of work, what are your hobbies?
I really only have one hobby and that is showing cattle. I also like to go home and drive tractor in the spring and fall to break up the monotony. It gives me time to be alone and think.

8. Share something we might not know about you.
Most people do not know or would never guess that I grew up in a trailer park.

A few of Gordy’s favorite images —

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