Meet the Staff — Amanda Holt

Today on the blog, we’re featuring Amanda Holt. Amanda lives and works on her family’s ranch in Mina, South Dakota where she spends her days between the barn, the pasture and behind the desk using her creative genius to design promotional materials for our FMG customers!

Amanda Holt, Print / Web Design

1. Tell us about your responsibilities at FMG.
I work mostly with graphic design ? logos, ads, banners, sale catalogs and web design. I occasionally do photography.
2. When did you start with FMG.
I started with FMG in July of 2012 when the graphic design end of the business was just getting started.
3. Share a little bit about your background in the livestock industry.
I grew up on a farm in West Point, NE, showing horses, hogs and sheep at different points in time, however my weakness has always been for cattle — showing steers, as well as ChiAngus and Maine heifers.

Being from Nebraska, I am a proud Cornhusker and graduated from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. After graduating I started as an intern for the American Shorthorn Assoc. which led into a 5 year position working with the junior, show & promotional programs. During that time I met my now husband, Jordan Holt, and moved to Aberdeen, SD in 2012. Jordan, our girls Haleigh and Maggie, and I moved in February 2014 to a ranch about 15 miles west of Aberdeen to co-operate as Holt Cattle Company / Diamond C Cattle  where we run a herd of 400 commercial, club calf & registered cows with an emphasis on ChiAngus. We love it on the ranch and look forward to the girls? future show careers.
4. What?s is the best part about your job at FMG?
As the saying goes ?If you love what you do, you won?t work a day in your life.? Not sure if that is exactly true because it can be work, but I sure do love what I do! From the team I work with to the clients around the country, they are some of the best people I have had the privilege of getting to know and easily the best part about the job.
5. When working on a project, what?s your favorite tool?
I love the Adobe programs, they are pretty hard to beat! However I?m not sure I could get through a day without my phone and the accessibility of texting and emails wherever I go.
6. You?re cruising down the road, what are you listening to on the radio?
I?m a big fan of music! Sirius XM and Pandora are great inventions?.I listen to about anything but favorite stations would include the Highway, Pulse, Y2K Country, 80s on the 8.

7. Outside of work, what are your hobbies?
Like many in this industry, work is also my hobby. There?s nothing better than being in a pasture checking cows or working in the show barn. However I have a weak spot for getting crafty and repurposing old or antique items into something new and useful,
8. Share something we might not know.
Believe I was about 11 years old, flipping through a National Livestock Exhibitor magazine, looking at bull ads, I thought they were so cool and wanted to design those when I grew up?..turns out I actually did it!

A few of Amanda’s recent projects — 

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