#MaineChiJrNats2013 Recap

Let’s start off with the most important part – THANK YOU to the American Junior Maine-Anjou Association and the American Junior Chianina Association for asking FMG to be the official photographers of the 2013 National Junior Heifer Show.

We had so much fun taking pictures throughout the week at the backdrop, various contests and at the banquet! Our crew loved working with the parents and juniors of both associations – not to mention looking at some great cattle.

Congratulations to everyone that attended for putting on a great show!

Here are the backdrop photos of the four major show winners – 

Avery Wood, Oklahoma – Grand Champion High % Maine-Anjou Female
Brooke Hayden, Indiana – Grand Champion Chianina Female

Kelsey Rutt, Nebraska – Grand Champion Mainetainer Female

Lucas Wisnefski, Illinois – Grand Champion ChiAngus Female

You can order all of the backdrop pictures as well as candids on our website. All of the backdrop photos are up on our website, and there are still a few more candids to be uploaded. (The Internet at Kyla’s rural New Mexico home has been giving her fits!) Read Monday’s blog to see a few of our favorite action shots of the week!

We’re still working hard to finish up all of our projects from our time in Grand Island. We will share the videos as they become available. If you need a teaser, don’t miss this one we filmed during check-in.

If you have any questions regarding the photos, or want to order a special photo piece for your family, don’t hesitate to contact us today!