Long Live Cowboys

By Kyla Copeland

This blog is off the beaten path of marketing livestock but we feel at Focus we would like to let everyone get a chance to dive into our teams lives a little and get to know us more on a personal level. A blog with all of the Focus’ team bios will be coming soon! I’ve decided to write a little about my life on the ranch… well when I’m actually home to enjoy it 🙂

Wrangler’s slogan “Long Live Cowboys” is one of my all time favorite ad slogans and it reminds me of life on the ranch, especially living on a ranch where things are done “the cowboy way”. I grew up on a farm in a small rural community in eastern South Dakota, where we farmed and ran a small herd of cattle. There were no big ranches in eastern South Dakota to get the taste of the cowboy way and it wasn’t until I moved to north eastern New Mexico that I got my dose of the real cowboy way. Where we had a few hundred acres to work on in South Dakota, we now have 20,000+ acres to work on and things can’t be done by an ATV, they are done by horseback. Cattle are gathered, worked, branded, you name it… different than what I was used to.

Every “real” cowboy that I have encountered are the hardest working, most knowledgable, kind people I have ever met and for that, LONG LIVE COWBOYS 🙂

Here are a few pictures and a short video clip of life on our ranch… if you are ever in the north eastern New Mexico / west Texas panhandle area, stop by and see us!

Video clip of my husband Matt and father-in-law Cliff gathering a pasture of our registered Hereford cattle