Langford Herefords :: Okmulgee, Oklahoma

From the road: Kyla Copeland

I always love heading to Okmulgee, Oklahoma to picture and video at Langford Herefords, they are great great people and some of my family and I’s really good friends, they have an incredible purebred Hereford operation on a beautiful place and they always make you feel right at home. Be sure to visit their web site to take a look,  

Here’s a little bit about them (from their web site):

Our goal is to raise and sell the very best 
Hereford cattle available anywhere —

250 Big, Stout Range Bulls,
Herd Bull and Show Heifer Prospects, Plus
Replacement Females Annually.

Year round sales by private treaty for your 
convenience and added personal service.

More than 70 years experience raising, selling & selecting the best, most trouble-free,
Hereford genetics.   

We know Hereford cattle!We select for Fertility First, Do-ability and Three Dimensional Volume — Cows that stay in good 
condition breed back quicker, have earlier calves.

You benefit from genetics stacked with fertility — you get- more early calves, more pounds of calves.We select for optimal EPD’s, structural correctness. 

You benefit from genetics with predictability, longevity, and top performance.We sell cattle private treaty, year round, for your convenience and added personal service.

We are one of the nation’s largest private treaty, Hereford producers.You benefit from having a large selection of cattle to choose from.
And, visit when it’s convenient for you…  
One of us is always here to show you cattle.And…one more benefit:    “Your Satisfaction is our Guarantee”.

I just spent a couple days on their ranch and here are a few pictures we took (visit their web site or Focus’ Facebook page for all picture and videos of the cattle

TNT Herd Bull

Outrider Herd Bull

Ramona Donor

Honey Badger Herd Bull

Also Copeland & Sons LLC (my family’s ranch) is very excited to be having a joint production sale this fall with Langford Herefords. Keep watching for details on this sale, it’s going to be a good one! Sale date is October 20th, 2012 at the Langford Hereford Ranch in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.