Jr Nationals: Snacks

Opening ceremonies at the 2013 Maine/Chi
Junior Nationals in Grand Island.

We love junior nationals season. 

It’s a great way to explore the United States, catch up with old friends, meet new people from across the country and see some awesome cattle.

However, there’s a few things we don’t enjoy — like eating out for every meal and the expense of eating out for every meal.

We’ll be in Louisville, KY all next week for the Chianina, Maine-Anjou and Shorthorn Jr. Nationals. Be sure to find us at the FMG booth!

But, we’ve collected a few tips for packing a “picnic” for the week thanks to Food52. We’re thinking about healthy lunches and delicious, unique snacks.

Paula Deen’s Cucumber, Tomato & Onion Salad.
  • Pack sturdy foods that can be made ahead, and only get better as they marinate. Pasta salad and coleslaw are perfect examples.
  • Think single-utensil. Have you ever tried to cut your food with a fork and knife while sitting on a showbox? It?s not easy. Go with dishes you can scoop up with a spoon, spear with a fork, or even better — eat with your hands. (Sandwiches are quick and easy to make and eat!)
  • A little bit of this, a little bit of that. We?re thinking lunch meat (like salami), cheese cubes (just choose something hard or semi-firm), hummus, fruit dip and salsa. Just pack some bread, chips, crackers, cut-up fruit or veggies and you’ve got the best snacks in the barn!
  • When there’s dressing involved, separate. Pack sauces and dressings separately to steer clear of unwanted sogginess. No one wants mustard on the outside of their sandwich. So be sure to pack everyone’s favorite condiments as well.
  • Wash it all down. A cooler with drinks is necessary. Water, juice pouches, iced tea and soda are all good choices. Adult beverages may be required as well.
  • Don’t forget plates, napkins and utensils. A barbeque sandwich without napkins is a mess!
  • Remember to buy ice. It’s probably going to be a hot week. If you are going to plan ahead and bring food to share, it’ll need to be kept cool. There will be ice for sale on the grounds.
Cowboy caviar will keep well in your cooler. Recipe from Just a Pinch.

* Please note that freezers, griddles, microwaves, roasters and other cooking devices are not allowed in the barn. See a full list of reminders here

We are ready for a great week with our Chianina, Maine-Anjou & Shorthorn friends. See the week’s full schedule here.