Introducing New Field Staff Photographer

We’re thrilled to announce we have hired a new Field Staff Photographers to join our team at FMG! Welcome Alexis O’Boyle.

We had so many wonderful applicants for the job, we decided to add an additional in-person interview to the process. Back in May, we flew a few photographers to South Dakota for a weekend of “real picture pen” experience at Fawcett’s Elm Creek Ranch.

After Alexis wow-ed us on the phone, she showed their true talents in directing a picture pen too!

Join us all in welcoming Alexis to the FMG team! Learn more about her below.


Hey there! My name is Alexis O’Boyle. I have been involved in the cattle industry my entire life. I have gotten to know many of you through my family while they worked on major seedstock operations all over the country. In the most recent years, I may have gotten to know more of you by traveling here, there, and everywhere photographing and promoting different western sport events. Either way you know me, the story is the same, I’m just building on it. Since moving to my forever home in Kansas, while helping train and market performance horses, I am ecstatic about joining the Focus Marketing Group team. I am excited about life, and all it has to offer – I look forward to being a part of the talented group of livestock enthusiasts at FMG. With taking this new position, I am dedicated to helping clients market their livestock to the highest level, nation-wide. From photography to design work, as well as social media – I cannot wait to discuss the endless possibilities on how we can market your livestock.

PHONE: 405/747-0454

Alexis will be joining us right away, and will be ready for Fall Sale Season! We have a talented crew of livestock photographers located across the country, ready to help you take your operation to the next level.

For more info or to get on our schedule, use this handy form!