I Went to Lamb Camp?

Growing up, many of us went to summer camp. Maybe it was for sports, or with your church youth group. There’s a new crop of camps popping up – livestock camp!

We would have loved that opportunity!

One blogger, Nicole Small of A Kansas Farm Mom, shared about her son attending Leggett’s You Gotta Believe Lamb Camp on her blog.

She says, “Just like all camps he made some new friends.  Friends that he will probably see again this fall and next spring at shows.

Friends that understand what it is like to get up early and stay up late to take care of animals.

Friends that he will battle against in the show ring, but I guarantee you when they walk out they will congratulate each other and continue to be friends.”
In addition to learning about showmanship, shearing and feeding, the camp is also a devotional camp – helping bring  campers closer to God. 
Their motto is “Trust in Him. Believe in Yourself.”
Many colleges around the nation also put on judging camps for the youngsters – meats, livestock or horse. These colleges include Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Connors State College and Ohio State, among others. In addition, the TJLA puts together a spring camp and show for all species. Click here for info from the 2013 event.
A few other options include the Mason Livestock Show Pig Camp, or the Wisconsin Junior Livestock Show Camp
Maybe this is what your kids want for Christmas — What a great way to learn and meet other kids with similar interests! 
What other “livestock camps” have your children attended? Was their experience positive?