How to Grill (Like a Man)

We love to grill, and frankly nothing is better than a steak (medium rare please)!

We also love Pinterest, you may remember this blog post when we first launched our account.

On the off chance you get to spend some time at home this weekend, we thought we’d share some “tips” for creating a perfect steak.

So when we happened across this infographic, we just had to share a few of our favorite parts to correctly grilling a steak like a “manly man” –

While these opinions might be a little bit drastic, we do think they are entertaining!

Amen to the quick tips!

We would truly be in heaven if we could eat USDA prime beef for every meal!

Love this advice!

We love grilling so much, we have a whole board dedicated to the practice on Pinterest. Find it here.

What are your favorite dishes to serve with steak?

We like garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and maybe a margarita to help us relax.

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