How to Book a Project with Focus Marketing Group

Many of you are making plans to sell your fall calves. Some of you are probably sitting in front of your computer right now wondering how to best market your show cattle this year. You’ve got the next big winners in the barn and they look good. What’s the next step?

Good news — we can help! Just follow these easy steps.

1. Evaluate your cattle and decide how many you want to sell.

2. Decide on a sale format — first come, first served; private treaty; online sale; live auction.

Many of our customers are choosing online sales to market their cattle. Don’t miss this one from Potts Show Cattle on Breeders’ World.

3. Set a date.

4. Depending on your format, you’ll want a photographer to come out about two weeks before your sale (even earlier for a live auction to allow for the catalog to be printed and distributed). So contact us via phone or email Kyla ( She will get the right person on our team to your farm or ranch.

** The earlier you make these decisions, the earlier we will have some to your place. Our staff is in high demand, so your ideal date may not be available.**

This picture was taken January 3rd for a Feb. 15th sale at Overmiller Enterprises in Smith Center, KS.

5. Have your cattle and help ready to go when we get there. The less we have to wait around, the better. We want to take your pictures in the best light, and you will thank us later.

6. Give us a few days to get all of the pictures and videos edited. This process takes a while, so please bare with us.

**Be sure to tell us who updates your website, designs your catalog/ads or hosts your sale. We want to get all of the information to the right people the first time.**

7. Remember, we want to help you. Streamline the process even more by allowing FMG to design your website and other promotional materials like your catalog, ads and flyers. Our team works seamlessly to “avoid the middle man” and get your projects done quickly. Plus, they look pretty cool too!

This is a postcard we designed for our friends at BCJ Cattle. Don’t miss their sale Feb. 15th!

At FMG, we like to say that “Our only FOCUS is YOU!” and we mean it. Give us a call today, we’d love to work together to successfully market your livestock.