Guest Blogger: Travis and Beth Pembrook

Please help us welcome Travis & Beth Pembrook of Pembrook Cattle Company in Fairview, OK. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with PCC in many different capacities and think the world of this family.

Thank you to the Pembrooks for answering our questions and congratulations on their newest addition – Bryson Allen Pembrook – born this week.

1.Tell us a little bit about yourself and your involvement in the livestock industry.
Beth and I both grew up in the registered seed stock business. Her in the Limousin and me in the Angus. So we have been involved with registered cattle in some form or fashion our entire lives. This has led us into where we are now. Which basically has us doing several things. We run a herd of registered Angus cows, and do some custom fitting of cattle from other operations as well. 

2. Walk us through a day on the ranch.
We can have a number of things going on, like many of us it can be quite a juggling act sometimes throughout the day. Everything from checking cattle, to AI’ing, putting in embryos, preparing show and sale cattle, small amount of farming/haying and returning phone calls from customers.

3. Did you always want to be cattlemen?
For the most part it sure seems like it. There may have been a few times growing up that we both would have thought about doing other things with our life but not for very long.

4. What’s your favorite part of your job?
There are so many good things that come out of what we do that it is hard to pinpoint a favorite part of our job. A couple things that would come to mind quickly is we have the opportunity to have our kids work or watch along side us every day. Not many people still get to do that with their profession. Next would have to be the friendships we’ve made with people all over the country. Over the years we have had a chance to work with lots of young people and many of those relationships have stuck. It won’t be long and we will be working with their children as well. We can’t leave this question without also mentioning the great people that have been through our place and worked for us as well.

5. You assemble several sets of sale cattle every year. Do you have a process for assembling these quality groups of cattle?

The Pembrook family.

When it comes to assembling groups of high quality cattle that can be a lot of work and travel  sometimes. In recent years it seems like it has gotten to be a little easier. The people that we get cattle from are the sharpest cattlemen and women that there are. They just don’t have the time to prepare the cattle for sales. So this is a win-win for both of us.

6. How is it working with your family every day?
Working with family for us is one of the highlights for our profession as well. On a daily basis it’s generally Beth, Bret and I along with my Dad and Grandfather. Everyone kind of has their own thing they do most of the time. We also have a full-time person in the show barn and she could be included like family as well.

7. Travis, you do a good amount of judging around the country. Do you have a favorite memory from being on the microphone?
Judging some shows has also been a rewarding part of what we do. I probably do not have one particular memory that just stands out. For me, I enjoy the junior shows. I love working with the young people. It blows me away to see the determination and pride that many of these youngsters have when exhibiting their cattle. They are also a lot of fun to visit with. Beth and I both know that the work ethic many of these youngsters develop while showing cattle will stick with them and make them productive adults or down the road.

8. Now that you?ve been on the other side, what?s one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself during your junior exhibitor days?
Being older and looking back on junior exhibitor days, I guess I would probably encourage young people to be sure and just enjoy the time frame they are in now. Soak it all in and be sure to thank the people who are helping with their projects. It amazes us the level of sacrifice parents, family, ag teachers, etc will commit to help today’s young people compete at a high level.

Lot 1 in the 2014 Spring Texas Limited Edition Sale.

9. Do you have any advice for someone interested in marketing purebred livestock as a profession?
On marketing purebred livestock as a profession we would both encourage people to start early and just work hard year after year. Their are also a lot of  people around the industry that will have good free advice.

10. Please share anything else you think our blog readers might be interested in.
Pembrook Cattle Company currently has four sales a year – an Angus show heifer sale at our place in October, another all breeds heifer sale in October, in November the Red Dirt Divas sale close to Stillwater, OK, and then another all breeds show heifer sale in March. Be sure to watch our Facebook page for info!

The Pembrooks are just one example of the awesome customers we have at FMG. Be sure to watch all of our social media outlets for updates about their sales this fall!