Guest Blogger: Sullivan Supply, Part 1

Callyn Hahn

Hey ya’ll –

This month we thought we’d try something a little bit different for our guest blogger. We’re always trying to introduce you to some heavy hitters in the livestock industry and Sullivan Supply is one of the largest! The people at Sullivan’s are always rolling out new, innovative ideas and some of the biggest to hit the scene in the past years have been Stock Show U and The Pulse.

In a two part series this month, we’re going to introduce some of the people behind these programs. First up, Ms. Callyn Hahn. Since 20ll, she has served the Dean of Stock Show University.

Welcome to Callyn and thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself with our blog readers!

1. Please share a little bit of your background in the livestock industry.
Father-Doug Hahn, Mother- Donna Hahn, Brother-Tyler Hahn 
My Family has been in the cattle industry since 1995 starting off with showing two Angus Heifers. 
I personally started showing cattle at the age of 9, with a crossbred steer, from there it progressed from Maine heifers to my true passion with the shorthorn breed. We raised and sold shorthorn cattle most of my junior career, with having anywhere form 20-40 head at our farm.

We exhibited several champions, with my most Memorable win being Named Champion Bred and Owned heifer at the Shorthorn Junior Nationals in Lawton, OK, and my brother of receiving the honor of Champion heifer at the NAILE and National Junior Shorthorn Show in 2004.  

2. Why did you want work for Sullivan Supply?
Sullivan Supply was a company in which I knew a lot about and I felt I could be an asset working here as I grew up using all of their products.

In addition, working for a man as genuine as John Sullivan was definitely an incentive to work for this great company.   

3. Stock Show U and The Pulse are both fairly new undertakings for Sullivan Supply ? why did the Sullivan crew want to start these endeavors?
For Stock Show University we felt a need to educate youth and broaden the connections within this industry, as we felt like that was something that was lacking for many of us when we were in the Junior Program. So we decided to offered a program, with personable staff, industry Leading Professors, and a High Power educational offering ranging from two hour Demonstrations to two day Hands On Grad Programs. The goal of our program is to provide a free education where we stay until the last question is asked! 

4. These are both youth-centered projects. How does Sullivan Supply give back to youth livestock events?
Stock Show University gives back to the youth at livestock events providing a free educational clinic, we advertise their shows on our schedule and in addition we also sponsor shows and events.

5. What is your favorite part your job?
There are several aspects of my job that I enjoy, at the top of the list would be being able to travel all over the country, and having the opportunity to meet and get to know all of our talented Professors.

6. At a show, where can we find you?
I can be found at the Stock Show University Apparel Booth or Stock Show University clinics or other activities. 

7. What advice do you have for someone interested in working for Sullivan Supply in the future?
If you are interested in joining a fast pace work environment and have a great work ethic, we encourage you to talk with our staff members about joining our team. 

8. What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Definitely, working with the youth in our industry, and watching them blossom into our future industry leaders, knowing that I have been a part of that is extremely rewarding.

9. Who is your role model?
Josh Elder is definitely a true role model, and someone I have looked up to for a long time. His natural eye for cattle along with his unbelievable talent for clipping and fitting is second to none, as he has been part of numerous national champions. His willingness to help youth combined with being well respected, makes him a legend in this industry. 

10. If you could go back to your junior exhibitor days and tell yourself one thing ? what would it be?
I would have told myself to live in the moment more and slowed down to appreciate the shows more.

11. Where do you get inspiration for new projects?
To be honest our crew is on the road constantly, we find inspiration as we travel from coast to coast, talking to different people along the way.  

Thanks to Callyn and the entire Sullivan crew. We enjoy visiting and catching up with all of them along the show road. Watch for another Sullivan Supply blog later this month from Luke Bolin, Communications and Advertising Director.