Guest Blog: Legacy Livestock Imaging

Heidi & Charles Anderson

We’re excited to feature a guest blogger today – Charles & Heidi Anderson of Legacy Livestock Imaging. If you’ve been around the stockshow world, you’ve seen their work and are probably wondering who they are and how they got their start.

We think their work is fantastic, and so so different from what we do at FMG. We adore them and asked Heidi to share a little bit about their life and their interest in livestock photography.

The center of the country.  The heart of the Midwest.  Proud to be Kansans.  That?s us.  Legacy Livestock Imaging. 
Charles and Heidi Anderson are the owners of Legacy, an imaging company specializing in high quality livestock and landscape photography, design and promotions.  Charles currently is the marketing director, ear getter and carrier of all things too heavy for me!  Photography, editing, and design are my official job duties.  
An example of the unique images Heidi creates.
Originally the business started as a few family friends and a few fine art print all being sold through my existing portrait studio.  But things grew very quickly and we realized soon that the livestock branch of photography would have to become its own company.  That ?branch? is now pretty much the whole tree!  In just shy of 10 months Legacy Livestock Imaging has nearly eight thousand very loyal fans on Facebook (at the time of writing).  We have had the humbling pleasure of working for or promoting some of the most influential breeders, steer traders and companies in the business.  We have also been able to get to know and work for some amazing families along the way. 

There are many facets of imaging and marketing that we currently offer –
  • Fine art prints available online, by contacting us personally, or by commission. 
  • Sale and catalog photography
  • Promotional items such as posters, banners, phone cases, metal art prints, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.
  • Website and social media consulting and hosting
  • Candid and backdrop photography for shows

Currently you are able to follow us in a variety of mediums including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  We post on Facebook five days a week (sometimes more) with an average monthly reach of nearly 2 million people.   This reach has been a major tool in promoting our clients.  If we can show that many people the quality of your livestock we have done our job. 
We are excited everyday to visit farms, share your everyday lives, photograph your livestock and promote it in a way that is truly reflective of its quality, excellence, and your hard work.    
Thanks to Charles & Heidi for being our first guest blogger! If you see them around, be sure to say hello and meet their sweet pup – Winnie.