Growing Up

We recently stumbled across this blog from The Sagebrush Sea. It was floating around the Internet this past summer, but really resonated with us today.

Here’s Rachel Larsen’s 25 Things I Want My Ranch Kids to Know. Rachel and her family ranch in Southwest Idaho; we really recommend checking out her blog. Thank you Rachel for putting together this phenomenal list!

1. You have chores, because we love you. How else will you learn responsibility and accountability?
2. Boredom is a choice.
3. There is magic in watching the sunrise.
4. A pet is more than a companion. All of those early mornings and late nights in the barn will pay off. Your animals will always be there to listen to your biggest problems, like a best friend should.
5. Grow your own food.
6. Be open to learning.
7. Dress appropriately for the occasion.
8. There is a time and a place for bad language.
9. Feed your help. Show your gratitude with a steak and a cold beer (or something similar!).
10. Don?t judge, but if you do, judge them by their abilities, attitudes, actions not appearances.
11. Stewardship.
12. Fake it till you make it.
13. That said, don?t mistake arrogance for confidence.
14. Low-stress is best. . .
15. The only dumb question is the unasked question.
16. Always do your best.
17. ?There comes a time when you?re gonna get bucked and you?re gonna need to know what to do so you don?t get stepped on.?  -Betsy Swain, 1875
18. Be polite and kind.
19.  But, don?t be a pushover. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in.
20. Develop a sense of place.
21. Break a sweat everyday.
22. Be present.
23. Unplug.
24. Sometimes the hard decisions are the right ones.
25. You do not have to maintain this lifestyle, but please appreciate it. And Rachel, we certainly do.

These words are for all walks of life, not just ranch kids.

16. Always do your best – even if you’re not given the prize.

How are you applying these things in your life?