FMG Customer Profile: Lawrence Family Limousin

Bruce Lawrence and Family of Anton, TX have worked with us at FMG since the beginning. It’s been a real pleasure to watch their operation grow and expand and win awards on all levels — both for the commercial side of their business as well as in the show ring.

Thanks to Bruce, Paula and friends for taking the time out of their jam packed schedule to answer a few questions for us! All of us have worked with LFL in some capacity, and it’s always a pleasure. Be sure to check out their website (designed by FMG) and their Facebook page (managed by FMG)!

?  When did Lawrence Family Limousin get its start? 

Lawrence Family Limousin purchased their first Limousin female in 1988. 

?  Who?s all involved with the day to day at LFL?

Our day to day operation consists of Bruce and Paula Lawrence; Lee Roy Lawrence; Jonny, Amber, Tucker & Colt Parkinson; Roberto Frias Jr.; Taylor Brehmer and Thomas Smith.

Lawrence Family Limousin was named the 2019 North American Limousin Foundation?Commercial Marketing Booster of the Year at the 2020 NWSS

?  Why Limousin cattle?

The people what brought us to the Limousin breed first.  As we grew more interested in the Limousin breed and with Bruce being raised in the commercial cow/calf segment, he began to realize what Limousin had to offer the beef industry.

?  What does your perfect cow look like? 

My perfect cow has a moderate frame, deep body and is easy fleshing that will wean a calf more than 50% of her mature body weight.

?  Who is your ideal customer? How are you meeting their demands?

My ideal customer is a cow/calf producer who retains ownership of his calves so he has the ability to realize the profit potential from the feed efficiency and the carcass merits that my bulls can bring to his bottom line.  We have an extensive AI & embryo transfer program and we parent verify all cattle that we sell for seed stock and all bulls sold and most females have genomically enhanced EPDs.

By investing heavily in getting our cattle genomically enhanced, we are able to identify cattle early in their life span that are in fact genetically superior with the increased accuracy obtained through genomics, This has enabled us to offer cattle to our customer base that we can stand behind with confidence but also allows us to continue to mate cattle that will be profitable in today?s beef industry.

We collect all performance information on every animal as well as ultrasound all cattle sold for seed stock to measure for REA, IMF and FT.  Lawrence Family Limousin participates in the Limousin breed?s whole herd reporting – ?LIMS?, which has allowed us to capture performance data on our whole cow herd and their resulting progeny which had aided in our effort to produce quality genetics for our customer base.

?  2019 was a big year for LFL, any highlights you?d like to share?

In 2019 Lawrence Family Limousin purchased Graven Land and Cattle?s fall calving cow herd.  With this purchase we were able to double the size of our fall calving cow herd and will have cattle available here in the Southern market. 

?  What are your goals for LFL as we advance into 2020?

Our goals as we advance into 2020, would be to more aggressively increase our commercial bull sales to help penetrate the commercial beef livestock industry by offering cattle that are superior on relevant economic traits of importance that add to a commercial producer’s bottom line. Given tight operating margins in the beef cattle industry, we know its important to supply seedstock cattle that have a well-balanced set of EPDs that are accurate and reliable. Today?s commercial cattlemen need cattle that not only excel maternally with superior weight traits, but also work into todays marketplace for increased marbling, superior yield grade, muscling and feed efficiency to excel for every industry segment in the beef chain.

?  Bruce + Amber both — What?s your favorite part of your job? 

My most challenging yet gratifying part at my job is to try to mate cows and bulls together that have not only phenotypical look that satisfies all customers but, still have the EPD profile and performance values that the commercial cattleman desires. We have invested substantially in new DNA testing technology that allows us to make genetic progress much more predictable and accelerated on cattle that are also phenotypically and structurally sound for today?s commercial cattlemen. Genomic testing has aided us in standing behind our cattle are far as performance, predictability and profitability are concerned.

Amber states that her favorite part of her job is watching the transformation of the calves from when they come in from weaning to when we have them clipped up and ready to picture or show.

?  You?ve got cattle consigned in several sales the next few months. What can buyers expect in these sales?

Our bull buyers can expect to see bulls of sound structure, deep rib and easy fleshing with above average recorded performance and EPD profiles.  We will offer females that will raise above average calves for any involved in the cow/calf industry as well as the Limousin breed.  We will also offer a select group of show heifer prospects that will be consigned to several different sales as well as sold privately through our web site that will compete on a local, state and national level.

?  Any sire groups or specific animals you?re really excited about?

We are really excited about our first calf crop from LFL Dividend who was our lead bull in the 2018 Grand Champion pen of bulls at the National Western Stock Show.  Also our LFL Deluxe Edition first calf crop has been very successful in the show ring.  He was the 2018 Reserve Grand Champion Limousin bull at the National Western Stock Show.  Although his calves are not high performance type cattle he has worked very well on first calf heifers and his daughters have excelled in the show ring.

LFL Dividend 6084D

?  You produce both cattle for the commercial cattlemen and junior exhibitors, how do you reach both audiences?

We strive to produce cattle from the ground up that have above average EPD profiles and that have the eye appeal that satisfy both the show ring as well as the commercial cattleman.

?  Where do you see LFL in 10 years? 30 years? 

In 10 years, I would like to see Lawrence Family Limousin continue to be a top quality producer of Limousin genetics and increase our numbers as economically feasible.  With Bruce being 64 years old today Lawrence Family Limousin 30 year goals would be determined by his children and grandchildren.

?  What makes LFL unique?

We feel that Lawrence Family Limousin breeds cattle that not only compete in the show ring but that also have the performance and carcass merits that benefit the commercial cattleman.

?  How long have you been working with Focus Marketing Group? How has FMG helped your operation?

We have been involved with Focus Marketing Group for a number of years.  We went with Focus because we felt like their marketing services would benefit several different aspects of our marketing expectations.  We utilize their photography, web site and social media services 100%. 

? Anything else you would like to add?

We encourage all breeders and parents to get involved in their state and national breed associations and strive to make a difference.? We also encourage all parents to get their children involved in their respective Junior breed associations and reap the rewards of the camaraderie and the contacts that their children will utilize throughout their lives.