FMG Customer Profile: Ingram Angus

It’s our pleasure at FMG to work with seedstock producers, who produce cattle to work in every part of the county and every part of the beef business. One of the newest (and most progressive) is Ingram Angus – Pulaski, Tennessee.

Ingram Angus was started in 2016 and will be hosting their first production sale on November 8, 2019 at the farm. Orrin Ingram, Jason Upchurch and David Cagle are all partners in Ingram Angus. We spoke with Jason Upchurch shortly after shooting pictures for the sale catalog about featuring Ingram Angus on the FMG blog. He said, “We have an outstanding employees who put forth a lot of effort to make Ingram Angus what it is today.”

BIG THANKS to Jason, David + crew for the top notch hospitality we get at Ingram Angus. Later this week, Kyla will be returning to shoot the videos for their upcoming sale.

? Why Angus cattle?

We chose Angus cattle because of the demand for high quality cattle that can have high phenotype, maternal and can have industry leading performance while being efficient with inputs.?

? What does your perfect cow look like??

Our perfect cow is one that is big bodied, moderate with great feet. She?s easy fleshing with good udder quality and heavy muscled. She?d be one that not only looks good but can also raise calves that are high performing and she?d need to be fertile to withstand the pressure of a short breeding season.?

? Who is your ideal customer?

We are building a customer base but have began to market private treaty bulls and will be hosting our Inaugural Production Sale November 8. We will market 100 females to other registered breeders and 60 two year old bulls to both seedstock and commercial breeders.

? What are your goals for Ingram Angus?

Our goal at Ingram Angus is to produce cattle that are productive to our customers. We plan to be the source for Angus cattle that have a consistent phenotype and be from genetics that we?ve hand selected from all over the country from cow families that built the Angus breed what it is today.

? What?s your favorite part of your job??

My favorite part of my role at Ingram Angus is seeing our plan becoming reality. We set out 3 years ago to be one of the most progressive Angus cow herds in the country and today we can see the fruits of our labor through the extensive amount of ET work we have done.?

? You?re hosting your first production sale this fall. What can buyers expect in this offering?

Our female sale offering will consist of Donors, ET heifer calves, pregnancies, bred heifers and pairs from a wide range of genetics. There will be cattle that will fit anyone?s breeding program. We will also offer 60 bulls that will be two years of age. These bulls have been developed on a high forage diet. There?s bulls that can be used on heifers as well as high growth bulls.?

? Any sire groups or specific females you?re really excited about?

This sale is very exciting to us because it?s our first chance to show our whole program. We?ve built our herd off of prestigious cow families so we?ve tried to include elite progeny from each cow family.?

? Where do you see Ingram Angus in 10 years? 30 years??

The future of Ingram Angus is bright. Everything aspect of our business plan has been set out for the long haul. Anything from the way we laid out our facilities along with the kind of cattle that has been selected. We know that breeding cattle is a very disciplined concept and we will continue to be diligent and produce cattle that are proven genetics so that our customers know the product they are getting from us.?

? What makes your operation unique?

I feel Ingram Angus is one of the most unique Angus operations in the country from the fact of the genetic power our donor arsenal possesses. We are very blessed to have been able to hand select some of the most proven and productive cows in the breed.?