FMG Customer Profile: Frey Angus Ranch

It’s been a pleasure working with Frey Angus Ranch (FAR) in Granville, ND. The ranch is truly family run, and it’s exciting to help grow an already impressive operation as the third generation takes the reins. The bulls raised by FAR are a great combination of calving ease, growth and power. They’ll add milk to retained females and sire cattle that excel on the rail. Thanks to Dustin Frey for taking time to answer our questions!

?? When did Frey Angus Ranch get its start?

Frey Angus was originally started by Allen Frey in 1950 and now is owned and operated by his sons Lynn, Arlen and Edward Frey. Also working on the ranch are Arlen?s son Dustin and Lynn?s son Lance.

Frey Angus Ranch

? Why Angus cattle?

Angus cattle have been on the Frey Ranch since its beginning, nearly 70 years ago and part of three generations of cattlemen. There is no better cow in our opinion than the Angus cow. Nearly every breed has become black the Angus influence. They work quite well for the cow/calf producer, the feeder, and the consumer as evidence from the success of the Certified Angus Beef program.

?? What does your perfect cow look like??

Black, feminine fronted, straight and broad over her top, deep in her girth, capacious through her mid-section with a well-balanced udder attachment and teat size. She is correct in her movement with substantial bone and correct foot structure. She holds her condition, is fertile and has the Frey Brand on her left rib.

FAR Princess 250A, donor by Barstow Cash AAA #17644362

?? Who is your ideal customer? How are you meeting their demands?

Customers look to us to improve their cowherd and calf crop by contributing to their bottom line. We want customers whose management ability compliments our cattle, and it’s our job to meet their expectations.

? ?2019 was a big year for Frey Angus Ranch, any highlights you?d like to share?

The year started with our cattle on display at the National Western Stock Show carload and pen show. The interest carried over to our sale in February with a $70,000 top selling bull to Hoover Angus and Select Sires. The remaining Denver bulls and sale offering of 90 bulls averaged over $6100 which was our best sale average to-date. The ranch received the honor as Breeder of the Year from the North Dakota Angus Association for 2019. The year ended with the preparation of a Carload entered at the 2020 NWSS and Pick of the Carload offered in the Denver Bull Sale.

Dustin and Lynn?Frey, Frey Angus being named 2019 ND Angus Breeder of the Year.

?? What are your goals for Frey Angus Ranch as we advance into 2020?

We were excited to be named the Res. Grand Champion Angus Carload at the 2020 National Western Stock Show. We look forward to our 45th Annual Frey Angus Ranch Production Sale on February 2, 2020! And also the arrival of the 2020 calf crop sired by Freys Cowboy Logic who topped our 2019 sale and our recent 2019 purchase of KR Quality. Hopefully they will match up with the production of Freys Appearance, Freys Presence and KR Outfit and?continue?to provide a calf crop meeting the approval of our customers. Their acceptance is our number one goal.

?? What?s your favorite part of your job??

Taking bulls to Denver to exhibit in the NWSS carload and pen show. This starts with conception, mating certain bulls to certain cows. Waiting with anticipation at calving time, sorting through the calf crop with selection of candidates to exhibit, developing them and finally presenting them at the show and ultimately to the buying public through our production sale.

2020 NWSS Res. Grand Champion Angus Carload, Exhibited by Frey Angus Ranch

?? You?ve got a big bull sale coming up. What can buyers expect in this sale?

We will be holding our 45th?production sale on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020. We will offer 105 performance tested yearling bulls. Buyers can continue to expect a group of uniform bulls for which quality, performance and value will be offered … down to the last bull selling. They can also expect service and a guarantee second to none!


?? Any sire groups or specific animals you?re really excited about?

We offer progeny of herd sires that have gained reputation with us and others. We also strive to offer bulls that have genetics that are new to us and therefor provide new genetics to our past customers. This year we be offering a large group of bulls by Freys Appearance and KR Black Jack in addition to the first calf crop by Freys Presence and KR Outfit that provide outcross genetics for most breeders and our customers.

?? Where do you see Frey Angus Ranch in 10 years? 30 years?

Frey Angus Ranch hopefully will be here in 10 years however the reins will be in the hands of the third generation. 30 years is hard to tell. Hopefully the cattle industry will continue with the need for a family operation producing seedstock for the next generation of our customers.

?? What makes Frey Angus Ranch unique?

Frey Angus Ranch is somewhat unique in that is concentrates on solely purebred cattle that are bred, developed and marketed from a ranch that has been in existence for over 70 years breeding registered Angus cattle. This endeavor has involved three generations of the family.

?? How long have you been working with Focus Marketing Group? How has FMG helped your operation?

We have been involved with Focus Marketing Group the past 4 years with each year becoming more involved. We’ve taken photos of our sale bulls, and also photos of our herd sires and donors. Using FMG has helped us get more high quality photos to?improve?our ads and catalog for marketing. We look forward to doing more with FMG in the future!