Find Focus on Instagram

That’s right everyone, we’ve officially joined the wonderful world of Instagram!

Instagram is an awesome social medium that you can connect to your Facebook & Twitter accounts, where you communicate with pictures and get to use filters to edit them and make them look fantastic. (If you want to join too, the Instagram app is free on iTunes & the Google Play Store.)

Notice how we were able to blur the background and put the “focus” on the koozie. (Nice pun, eh?)

Now, I bet you’re dying to follow us …

Username: focusmarketinggroup

Even show steers look great in Focus swag!

But, if you’re not on Instagram, don’t worry! Remember we said Instagram is linked to Facebook & Twitter, and we’ll be sure to put them up there! Or you can view our feed online by visiting

Our Instagram will be a group effort by all of our staff members, so you can see “funnies” from our travels or the cute kids wearing our Focus gear … really whatever we find along the way. As we’ve been saying, we have a jam-packed Fall schedule, and Instagram will be a great way to join us for the ride!

Speaking of Focus swag … would you like some for yourself? Be sure to visit our Facebook page to enter our contest, the winners will be chosen on Monday.