Dr. Tera, DVM: Beef Quality Assurance


Dr. Tera with a newborn calf.
We’re so happy to have our first Dr. Tera, DVM post on the FMG blog. You may remember Tera Rooney Barnhardt’s guest blog a few months ago. There, Tera shared a little bit about herself and why she wanted to be a vet. 
Today, Tera is going to visit a little bit about Beef Quality Assurance (BQA). There’s even a giveaway at the end, so don’t miss your chance to win!
You?ve all been invited to a county or state meeting about BQA. Some of you have even sat through the trainings and become certified. Others are maybe having some trouble recalling what exactly the BQA business is about.
A mentor of mine said something that has summed up BQA better than anyone else. 

He said, ?The principles behind BQA are a lot like the Ten Commandments. We could all stand to follow both of them a little closer.?

BQA is a program that producers from any stage of cattle production can participate in. It encourages producers to take seriously the responsibility of raising beef that is healthy, wholesome and of the highest quality. It?s been around since the 1970s and if you aren?t involved in BQA programs, I?d encourage you to get certified today.
Photo courtesy of the National Beef Quality Assurance
Facebook page.
On the BQA website, it says “Producers have embraced BQA because it is the right thing to do; but they have also gained through increased profitability. As an educating program, BQA helps producers identify management processes that can be improved.” We’re always working to be better, so shouldn’t you?
BQA certification is easier than ever. You can get certified by viewing online modules located at www.animalcaretraining.org. For the high school students and younger, visit www.animalcaretraining.org/youth for free certification!

Take stock in your industry. Assuring consumers that we produce a safe and delicious end product is our job too! 

I challenge all producers, family members, employees and youth who spend any time working with livestock to get BQA certified today. It’s an easy process, both informational and interesting. Plus, the modules are easy to follow along. [We’ve also visited briefly about BQA Training on the FMG blog here, including information from Curt Pate who teaches Stockmanship & Stewardship classes in conjunction with BQA training.]
Once you have become certified, take a selfie with your certificate and post it to the Focus Marketing Group Facebook page or Twitter, with this hashtag #BQAForTheWin. One lucky person will win some (to be determined) animal health swag! [We know how much you love swag!] Entries close Monday, June 16th.