CustomerCONNECTION: Reach Your Audience – Tagging on Facebook

As many of your know, Social Media Management is a growing part of Focus Marketing Group.

We offer Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog management for our customers.

Recently, we had a customer ask us how we tag a picture with an individual’s personal Facebook page from our business page?

The truth is Facebook doesn’t exactly let that happen naturally. But, with a quick workaround, you can tag your friends from your business page. [NOTE: You must personally be Facebook friends for this to work.]

Here’s how. We’re using our #FMGcustomers’ page Silveira Bros. as an example —

1. Post your image and caption like normal. Remember to use hashtags and tag any business pages you mention.

2. Once the image is posted, stay on the page. Then, right click the image you want to tag and choose “Open link in new tab.”

3. Go to the new browser tab, and you will see a page that looks like this. Then, you can tag anyone you personally are friends with the “Tag this photo” button. We find this extremely useful for tagging customers, showmen, owners and ourselves.

Why is this important? Tagging a photo automatically increases a post’s exposure. Anyone who is friends with the person tagged will see the photo in their news feed. Often times, we see exposure to hundreds or even thousands more people on these posts!

In this example, we tagged Garrett Blanchard, one of the owners of Silveira Bros. Angus in California.

Do you have any other questions for us? Remember this blog series, CustomerCONNECTION: Reach Your Audience is meant to help you reach your audience and potential customers using digital marketing. You can send your questions to Robin Kleine, Social Media Manager (