Barn Favorites

Many of our customers are in “show mode” — it’s Texas Major season folks! Speaking of … Good luck to everyone in San Antonio today.

Others are home working those fall born calves for their upcoming sales this spring. We have a busy, busy spring schedule and we can’t wait to see your hard work pay off in the picture pen! Contact us today to get on our calendar.

With this busy time of year, we got to thinking … We want to know, what are your favorite tools for getting your cattle looking “backdrop perfect”? It could be a hair product, comb or piece of equipment. Please share them with us below in the comments.

We’ve been perusing your posts looking for a few to share on the blog.

The blower is a favorite of many. It’s perhaps the best tool for getting that hair to lay right and to calm those curls on our beloved Herefords.

See our Instagram follower here Bret Hanza, multitasking while in Denver. Follow him at @bhanza

There’s the clippers. A well groomed calf is second to none, and knowing where to trim and how much to take off is an art. Professionals like the Professors for Stock Show U can really make a calf look perfect.

There’s even a FMG Sweatshirt in this ad for a Stock Show U clinic, thanks Jeremy!

It takes years of practice to get to their level, like Matt Copeland — one of our favorite Stock Show U professors. Here he is at a Stock Show U Clinic at the “The Event.”

Listen well, and try at home (well before a show!)

Safety is of course a priority. We know how quick those calves are with their feet… So get them used to a comb with one on an elongated handle. Remember sometimes, duct tape is your friend.

Here’s one from breaking baby calves for their upcoming sale.

If you haven’t checked out their website (designed by us), please do so — It launched the first week of February and we can’t wait to add to it with information about their upcoming sales on Breeders’ World Online Sales.

What are your favorite “tools” for getting your livestock dialed in? Please share them in the comments!